Technical Overview

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Dynamics connector will provide efficient two-way communication with their customers, depending on their needs. Customers can directly contact you for additional information or assistance through WhatsApp

Multimedia attachments

With the inclusion of 7 different multimedia attachments - audio, video, documents, images, location, contact information, and text, you can answer customer queries & relevant details

Automated Messages and Quick replies

With quick replies, you can send more messages with lesser effort. System will not keep customers waiting! Respond to customers off business hours to keep them updated & never lose touch with your prospects


Customer Engagement

According to a research, companies that engage with their customers on social media were able to increase the customer spend by 20% to 40%

Proactive Customer Interaction

Organizations need to improve communication between departments. They require a cloud solution to manage on field sales team to better manage client communication

Sales performance visibility

Since this is automated solution, it allows organizations to handle multiple customers simultaneously bringing in overall efficiency for business execution

Reach to your customers where they are

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