Why Field Service?

Field Service flow in Dynamics 365

receive a job
1. Receive Job

Order phone social IOT

schedule and dispatch
2. Schedule & Dispatch

Optimized Manual-Assisted Automatic

contact customer
3. Contact Customer

Voice Text / SMS Web Portal

perform service
4. Peform Service

Solution Instruction Update

collect payment
5. Collect Payment

Onsite Invoice

complete work order
6. Complete Work Order

Manager Approval

Work Order

When a new service issue is reported a work order against that issue is created, this work order contains information about what work needs to be done which is used to coordinate and schedule resources and activities. A work order can be used for different types of work, such as installations, repairs, or preventive maintenance.

Resource Booking

TIt is easy to book a resource for a reported issue in Dynamics 365 using Schedule Board. Schedule Board is a tool that provides an overview of resource availability and bookings you can make. Schedule Board lets you easily find a right resource with right skills for reported issue in just a click of button.

Automatic Scheduling and Optimization

Dynamics 365 for Field Service is packed with the capability to automatically schedule jobs and assign resources based on their skills, required tools, work load and location. Bing maps, which is integrated out of box with field service automatically find best route to minimize drive time and hence optimize the routes that should be taken by field service agents to reach customers as soon as possible.


Dynamics 365 provides a user friendly, easy to use mobile application for field service which makes it easy for service agents to get information about their pending activities and actions to be taken and To-do list right into their hands which being friendly with Dynamics 365 web. Mobile application can even be used when device is offline, which means user do not have to worry about networks and internet connectivity. All changes will be automatically synced up with server when device comes back online. Talk to us if you like to know more details on how Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 for Field Service fits well into organization regardless of the size of business. We have been implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM/365 for multiple domains and have tailored solution capture diverse domain specific needs. We would love to hear from you!