NSquare’s deep understanding of the domain backed up by expertise in MS CRM is a perfect match for connecting both ends

Integration with Existing Applications

Microsoft 365 allow your people to have familiar experience with the system without any additional complicated peripherial applications. This minimalize efforts and makes the system highly adaptable. Curbs the ramp up time for your team on getting acquainted with the system.

Regulations and Compliance Management

A customizable system that can create an ease in processes required for compliance and regulatory matters allowing audits and track ability. Complex business processes are addressed by systematic workflows which can be automated for quicker turnarounds.

Mobile Integration

Access Enable mobile employees to work productively using a variety of mobile devices to access client and product information, contact customers, receive alerts, and more. Help ensure advisors are better prepared with access to customer data, preferences and account holdings no matter where they are.

Customer Centricity

Data management with predictive reporting that will get best out of your data profiling. Convert data points in valid information to determine KPIs. Account Management and other paratmeters on single platform. Transitions without much of usage level turbulence. Seamless migrations to achieve more better functionalities to meet technological needs.

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