At NSquare we deliver best-in-class E-learning solutions that pan across ancillaries for the Learning domain. We bring in our Product Engineering expertise to develop customized solutions that can suit diverse needs for the education domain. Our solutions specially designed to be in-line with achieving business productivity goals, creating relevant automation towards smooth functioning of learning management vitals for Education Industry. Our Enterprise Mobility practice further enhances our approach towards creating tailored solution coupled with Mobile App development as well.

Attendance Management System

We make it easier for institutions to track attendance along with other relevant peripheries to have a more system driven process to address management pain areas as well as streamline day to day activities around tracking attendance.

Few of the attributes include:

  • Attendance logging via Mobile devices
  • On demand Report Generation
  • System Synchronization with multiple devices
  • Access Reports, Parental Access and Reporting
  • Student Portal

Online Examination Solutions

NSquare has comprehensive understanding of requisites on having online examination procedures. The critical and sensitive nature of system is well contemplated to conduct exams more conveniently including assessment and evaluation.

  • Hands-on Examination Result Assessment
  • Score Comparison
  • Course and Content Management Software
  • Custom Assessment Metrics

Brain Storming Application Development

Customized Brain storming application development and consulting with features including:

  • Friendly visualization competition
  • Improve memorization technics
  • Worldwide ranking
  • Immediate result
  • Compare scores
  • Multiple language support

Library Management Software

Library Management Software allows easy and efficient way to manage all the functions of Library that includes; Cataloguing | Acquisition | Circulations | Serial Control Article Indexing |Barcode Generation | Member / Student ID Card Generation

  • Manage the records of libraries
  • Maintain the transaction of the books available in the library
  • Easy way to enter new books/Material
  • Online access to registered user to check the status of their books
  • Automated fine calculation for late return
  • Different criteria for search books

Task Management System

A Task Management System that can be tailored to suit the diverse needs. It is important to have process and tracking to ensure maximum productivity, monitoring and analysis as well as a systematic protocol. Few of the attributes include:

  • Supports the coordinated execution of activities with smooth flow to achieve the business goals
  • Easily assigns the tasks other
  • Monitor the process
  • Transparency into the status of the team’s work
  • Analytics for better decision making

Courses/Syllabus Management System

Syllabus module enables the Staff/Teachers to update the daily coverage of syllabus class-wise, month-wise coverage, reference books/textbooks for the subjects and also post the total syllabus of each standard and division that is to be covered which can also be viewed by the student through his login. A tailor made system that be flexible basic as well as comprehensive needs: Few the functionality includes:

  • Time Table Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Exam Results
  • Notifications and Dashboards
  • Collection of data regarding courses and policies
  • Syllabus Searches