NSquare’s E-commerce solutions covers wide-ranging aspects of end-to-end e-commerce required for modern day business. Our comprehensive solutions specifically concentrate on each segment to allow our clients to leverage their specific e-commerce technology needs. NSquare’s E-commerce expertise include below segments:

E-commerce SEO

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As we all know E-commerce SEO and conversion rate optimization can double your traffic and subsequently create a tangible impact on sales. So attracting business or getting noticed is definitely a top of the list aspect for any venture, and to come around with E-commerce SEO is the most viable ways to attain consistent traffic.

However, it can be little teething to get around with the intricacies, algorithm updates etc. NSquare assists you to cross over this hurdle via our E-commerce SEO solutions to ensure that your business gets all the needed attention via bringing in organic traffic.

Businesses that rely on search queries and organic traffic for sales. Reports say that almost 50 percent of online shoppers begin with search engine. SEO for e-commerce makes site easy to crawl, show keywords you want to rank for and exhibit authority through content and backlinks.

E-commerce Website Designing

Transform your ideas for E-commerce website via our online shopping website design solutions. We help your business combine e-commerce applications and solutions through creative and user friendly website which assist the target audience to have better online shopping experience. Our solutions include:


Payment Gateway Integration

Safe and secure payment gateway integration with multiple payment providers. Our expertise also extends towards advanced eCommerce integration, including recurring and deferred payments, device-compatible, invisible and automated transaction processing.

Shopping Cart

Customizable Shopping Cart

Customized online storefront that enables you to display your products, catalogue, prices etc to your consumers. NSquare caters to the diverse needs and characteristics purely designed based on preferences and unique needs to meet business objective.

Currency Option

Multi Currencies Option

An online shopping cart solutions with an option of multi-currencies choices based on buyer geographies, enabling retailers to decide rate on applicable products and subsequent price conversions around it.

SEO Responsive

SEO Responsive

NSquare helps making online shopping website Search Engine friendly for you to get maximum yield out of the traffic. Allowing your product to be easily found via keywords which again ensures maximum traffic to your site.

E-commerce Analytics

Growing up to ecommerce analytics should be a pain free process. The analytics support system will help to make better decisions. Ecommerce Analytics help you take more informed decisions which in-turn increase in revenue viability.

Our tailored approach helps build customised solution for your analytics need. As we well comprehend with aspects like, Data Capturing | Reporting | Analytics capabilities for you to stay ahead of the competition. Things that with help you capture important aspects. Below metrics oriented approach which would provide clarity on what you need to know:


Number of visitors will allow to know stature how well your business is worded out

    Page Views

    By understanding the page views can tell you what content on your site is the most popular. If you notice that certain pages are very popular with visitors, think about why that might be the case and use that same strategy for pages that may not be drawing as many views.

      Referring sites

      Looking at referring sites will give you an excellent snapshot of the type of people who are visiting your site.

        Bounce rate/Exit Page

        A bounce rate measures something different than an exit page, but both can give you important insights into why people are leaving your site. In most analytics programs, a “bounce” is recorded when a person visits and leaves within a second or two, usually before the page is even done loading.

          Keywords and phrases

          Keywords and phrases let you know what terms people are using to find your site in search engines like Google and Yahoo. This can give you some idea of how to add different content to appeal to even more customers

            Conversion Rate Optimization

            Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or mobile app. CRO helps lower acquisition costs by getting the most out your visitors and users that you already have. Optimizing results in an increase on revenue per visitor, and helps close newer clients.

            There is always good area for enhancement when it comes to upscaling your conversions, and the best companies practice on improving sites and apps to create a better experience for their users to increase possibilities of conversions.

            Matrix based on common industry



            Page-views, ad- views, Newsletter subscriptions, Recommended content engagement



            Product sales, Add-to-carts, Shopping cart completion rate, e-mail Newsletter sign-ups



            Booking conversions, ancillary Purchases, social shares



            Leads generated, Deals closed

            App Store Optimization (ASO)

            With staggering, millions of apps, getting your app discovered is a great challenge. So it’s vital to know various methods for propagating your app.

            This is where we come in. NSquare’s ASO solutions help you achieve this objective. ASO is a systematic procedure of optimizing your mobile apps to get ranked higher in search results of app stores. The better your app’s ranking in store’s search results, the more tangible it is to your prospective customers. Which subsequently translate into more traffic to your app’s page in the app store.

            The objective of ASO is to bring in more traffic to your app’s page. Also, the ASO process needs a great deal of understanding for target customer base. That includes the keywords are being used to find apps similar to yours. As per forrester, 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches. This makes search, in the app store, the most used method for discovering and downloading new apps.

            Statistic: Leading smartphone app discovery channels of users in the United States as of June 2017 | Statista

            Main factors


            CoE Title


            Title keywords and placing.

            CoE Keywords


            Specific and relevant keywords used by target audience.


            Total Downloads

            Total Downloads

            Your number of downloads are extremely important to ASO, but you don’t have complete control over them.

            Rating and Reviews

            Rating and Reviews

            Also important and difficult to control. However, there are ways to incentivize happy users to rate and review.